Here is a hodgepodge of underwater photos from my native Louisiana waters, the Caribbean, and other domestic destinations (Florida and North Carolina). Click on each photo for an enlargement and explanation of the photo and where it was made. The enlarged pages can be navigated by the "Next, Previous, Back to thumbnails" buttons or by clicking the "back" button on your browser to return to this page. Older photos were taken with either a Nikonos V or Nikonos III camera, Sea & Sea 15mm lens, Ikelite SS200 strobe, sometimes with an additional SS100a strobe. Old macros were taken with a Nikon N90s in an Ikelite housing, SS200, SS100 strobes. More recent photos were taken with a variety of Nikon digital  cameras in Ikelite housings with twin Ikelite 125 strobes.

Underwater Gallery #2

Underwater Gallery #3

Bright Bank

Flower Gardens

Swamp Shack

Evans Byrd