Recipe: Scale and clean fish, leaving the head on. Place in a large tin pie pan or construct a "boat" with aluminum foil. Sprinkle liberally with salt and black pepper on both sides and inside the cavity. Sprinkle to taste with red pepper. Place fish in pan or boat, put several pats of butter in cavity, put several pats of butter on the fish and around the pan, and douse liberally with lemon juice. Deeply score the side of the fish facing upward in the pan. Place on covered grill. When the fish is nearly done (meat becomes loose from the bones), douse with a mixture of Worcestershire sauce spiked with Melinda's or Marie Sharp's habenero sauce. This mixture will burn, so only add it within a few minutes of removing the fish. The meat above the ventral fins toward the head (the throat) is the best. A dozen or so big, peeled shrimp tails tossed into the pan is a nice touch.